Why... – I AM MOM


Uma mamã

A mom who, in the midst of all the turbulence that hung in her body, looked for lingerie that would provide her with the comfort and elegance at a time when she was returning to her active life as a woman.

A great challenge...

All offers were too conventional.
That's why she decided to create I AM MOM, a slow-fashion brand, where we value quality over quantity, where we value elegance and comfort, where we are concerned with the need for so many women who no longer feel sensual with conventional postpartum bras and cotton panties.

We believe that it is possible to have lingerie that makes us feel sexy and elegant during this very special period of breastfeeding*. The purpose of our lace and tulle is to reveal our real body so that we can accept it gradually and naturally after so many changes. We cut the pieces one by one, giving attention to every detail making all the pieces unique, sewn with delicate materials and whenever possible from national suppliers.

We are an ecologically conscious brand. We care about our social and environmental duties, so we try new ways to reduce our environmental impact every day until we are proud to say that we have reduced the plastic we use, up to ZERO!

* (All our models can be adapted, which means, made without breastfeeding closure).