Measurement chart – I AM MOM

Measurement chart

Understanding our size can sometimes be a challenge, so here are some tips that can make it easier:

  • Normally the size of the bra is composed of a number and a letter, the number corresponds to the size of our chest and the letter to the size of our cup, in the case of I AM MOM we have 3 sizes, so you must first identify the size you fit into;

  • The breastfeeding bra size is slightly larger than normal measurements, because when we breastfeed, sometimes the breast increases a little in volume as well as our chest;
  • Since they are bras made of lace and without rims, they adjust better to several bodies, the lace is elastic which allows an S to work well in a cup A and a cup B
Perimeter (cm) S (36-38) M (38-40) L (40-42)
Cup (Bust)* A e B (+13-15cm) C (+17cm) D e E (+19-21cm)
Chest 75 - 85 85 - 95 95 - 100